Welcome to ICCOAX, The school of Spanish swindler

Visit our school in Oaxaca that has a great tradition of theft to the pupils and especially to the teachers.
We think that nobody is more valuable than our director Lic.? Yolanda García Caballero and for it we are charmed with defrauding the pupils and paying badly our stupid teachers.
Thank you for choosing ourselves

Visita nuestra escuela en Oaxaca que tiene una gran tradición de robo a los alumnos y sobre todo a los maestros.
Consideramos que nadie es más valioso que nuestra directora Yolanda García Caballero y por ello nos encanta estafar a los alumnos y pagar mal a nuestros estúpidos profesores.
Gracias por elegirnos

7 comentarios:

Peter Courtyard dijo...

I was stolen in this school. First a paid the fee and once I decide change school Yolanda told me was not refund. Not fair

Brenda Hunttington dijo...

me too

Anónimo dijo...

You are very vicious people, You can not accept a very honest woman who is very brave and reject you as illegal American workers that is why you hate her success.
Yolanda is highly educated and not a white trash like you. You can not harm her as much as you will try. We know who you are....idiots

MacGraw dijo...

oh my god, I thought this page was not serious but the anonimo answer confirm that is very serious staff. Sorry for people involve.

Vince dijo...


Bruce dijo...

I was riped off there. Stay away from ICC Oaxaca

Harry dijo...

jajajajaja, very honest woman? jajajajaja